Alternative and Affordable Healthcare Plans

StarMed Benefits offers alternative and affordable Healthcare plans, providing a SIMPLE solution for large and small businesses. Through StarMed Benefits’ compliance measures, these plans offer SAFETY from fines and penalties.
Since 2014, the StarMed Benefits program has been dedicated to providing a STABLE, low-cost health benefits option for both employers and employees, ensuring access to quality healthcare.

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Improve Healthcare For Your Business

StarMed Benefits offers an affordable healthcare plan available in all 50 states designed to make businesses competitive in recruiting and getting healthcare at the best price.

Brokers: Expand Your Opportunities!

StarMed Benefits is passionate about partnering with brokers in all 50 states and creating Self-Funded Healthcare plans that specifically address the needs of employers and employees everywhere.

Self-Funded Health Benefit Plans Starting at $65/month

Self-funded health benefits plans are designed specifically for your business and employee needs.


See a doctor or therapist without leaving your home!

Best for: Cold, flu, allergies, fever, sinus infections, diarrhea,
pinkeye and other eye infections, skin infection or rash.

MeMD is now Walmart Health Virtual Care.
Thank you for your patience during the transition.

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