Expand Your Opportunities!

StarMed is passionate about partnering with brokers in all 50 states and creating self-funded health care plans that specifically address the needs of employers and employees everywhere.

Our plans will help you:

  • Retain clients looking for an affordable option
  • Boost participation in low-wage industries
  • Prospect new clients and win new business
  • Have the ability to customize a specific self-funded plan for the needs of your clients
Improve low participation

Provide a plan to your clients that they can offer all the employees affordably, regardless of compensation level.

Provide more stability for your clients

Provide clients with an affordable plan that reduces the annual rate increases.

Add to group size

Offer your clients a plan that can be expanded with the traditional benefits packages, so that all employees can enroll.

Control your costs

Offer your clients a self-funded plan that can be customized to their specific health care needs and options they want to provide. By using a self-funded plan, employers can control costs for them and their employees.

Self-funded solutions

StarMed’s solutions allow you to grow your business by offering health care benefit plans to market industries of all sizes. Clients will come to you as you offer more products and solutions for small business owners to retain employees and keep them healthier.


StarMed Benefits utilizes the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) Law to set up employer sponsored self-funded benefits plans that act very similar to level pay-low risk alternative programs. StarMed Benefits offers plans that comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) to help the employer not only comply with the law, but help employees have access to truly affordable health benefits available to them and their families.

StarMed Benefits plans help employers provide Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) to comply with the “A” penalty and offers a Minimum Value Plan (MVP) that is affordable to comply with the “B” penalty requirements.

All StarMed plans include FREE Telemedicine coverage for the employee and the employee’s dependents for no additional cost or deductible. StarMed plans offer additional office visits, lab work, and outpatient testing. All StarMed plans include IRS reporting information, COBRA management, PCORI fees, low participation requirements, a call center, access to the PHCS Multiplan network of providers and full claims administration.

StarMed Benefits Plans are ideal for employers who struggled to fulfill traditional third-party insurance companies’ requirements for participation and cost. StarMed is ideal for lower paid employees who desire health benefits for themselves and families but are traditionally excluded from participation because of high costs.