What should you do if you are sick or not feeling well?

  1. Obtain advice from the professionals at MeMD through your telemedicine benefit.
  2. After using MeMD, utilize MultiPlan to look up any provider you might need to visit in person.
  3. Utilize the RX Portal for more affordable prescriptions as prescribed by professionals at either MeMD or your MultiPlan provider.


When you are sick or not feeling well, start with Telemedicine from MeMD. With telemedicine, you can see a doctor or therapist without leaving your home! MeMD telehealth solutions make it easy for people to access best-in-class care whenever and wherever.

Basic Plan and Mega Plan members may use this service for free for any immediate family members.

How to use MeMd
Como usar MeMD

Provider Lookup

If needed after speaking to a specialist through Telemedicine with MeMD, utilize our Provider Lookup with MultiPlan. Conveniently search for a provider in your network using the search tool from MultiPlan.

How to Find a Provider
Cómo Encontrar un Proveedor

RX Portal

If prescriptions are needed after using your telemedicine benefit, or by visiting a provider, visit the RX Portal for a Prescriptions Savings Card. The StarMed Benefits pharmacy savings program gives cardholders across the United States and Puerto Rico free access to discounts on prescription medications. Our program can be used by every member of the family, including pets, and can save you money even if you have prescription benefits.

How to use Prescription Discount Card
Cómo obtener su tarjetade prescripción